Let Me Introduce Myself

I am an every day Joe who rocks up to work, and sees the dysfunction of the systems we live in. I’m here now to make a change and hopefully put an end to the madness, and social bureaucracy that suffocates the life out of us. I am angry and frustrated at the red tape that hurts everyday Aussies. Now its time to make a stand, lets get heard.

I don’t just want this to be my rant, but I would like to invite you to rant with me about the systems that piss you right off, and handicap you in life. Just click the “New Post” button, and tell us why you’re here.

Why I do this?

  • Because I am passionate about helping people and helping their voices be heard
  • I want to see change for people to be free to be the best they can be

This is a space to discuss political bureaucracy gone mad, work place politics, red tape that stifling the life out of you. This is that space.

Why this forum:

  • This space gives everyone the opportunity to have a safe space to discuss issues that may cause controversy due to not being politically correct or socially acceptable (with reason of course, remember I’m a social worker )
  • Topics such as politics, work place bullying, government agency red tape preventing services from helping you etc
  • This is NOT a space to Bully or Spread hate. Every one is free to have their say, but NO and I mean NO personal attacks.
  • If this blog is successful throughout the next year, I would hope public awareness is created about tough issues that every day Aussies face.

I hope this blog constantly evolves as we learn, grow, and interact with one another. Feel free to hit up the link below to keep up with new posts. I will try and represent your voices in a deidentified manner to help your cause be heard, without ramifications to your employment, social circles or government payments. Please interact this is your forum as well as mine.

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